Tips to stay cool & fresh in summer

Tips to stay cool & fresh in summer

Schools closed and you’re planning a great summer with the family. As temperatures rise in many parts of the country, we become vulnerable to heat cramps, exhaustion, dehydration and heat stroke. Here are some tips to stay cool and fresh in summer:-

1.Spend time in cool or air-conditioned rooms

Air conditioning generates cool air around the house that serves as protection from the heat outside. Those who do not have air conditioner at home may choose to hang out in air-conditioned places like cafes and malls.

For those who want to stay home, create a DIY air conditioner with a bowl of ice cubes and a fan. When the fan’s breeze blows across the cubes, it will melt and evaporate, causing the ice-cooled air to spread and help cool off an area.

2. Always stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is a must during this season. Make sure that you drink plenty of water; better if you take in more than the standard eight glasses a day to avoid rapid fluid loss. Other cold beverages and sports drinks rich with electrolytes can also help replace minerals and cool down the body temperature at any time.

3. Consume cold and frozen treats

Frozen treats like ice cream and popsicles can bring delight during hot and humid days, so fill up your refrigerators with these refreshing goodies during summer.

4. Keep a cold water spray bottle

Another simple yet effective way to lower the body temperature is by spraying yourself with cold water from a spray bottle in the refrigerator.

Spraying water over the body’s pulse points like the neck, wrist and temples of the head – where blood vessels are closer to the surface of our skin – can help the body cool down. Make sure to bring a hand towel to wipe off excess water.

5. Wear loose-fitting and light-colored clothing

Tight and dark-colored clothes tend to trap heat coming from the sun, keeping our body feeling warm. For protection when outside, it’s best to cover yourself up with loose-fitting and light-colored clothing which reflects heat, helping the body maintain normal temperatures.

6. Take a cool shower everyday

When all else fails, taking a cool shower once or twice everyday never disappoints. Frequent showers help lower body temperature.

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